The Budding English Poet

Recent English poems by Tharindu:

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A fond embrace
The Moon, the only witness
knows the tale of us!
The Noon, not the time for stillness
who wants a pale fuss..?
The murmur of the lips
The sigh of the heart
The glamour of the hips
The cry of the smile
The flavor of the tips...
The bond never expires
A fond embrace..!
Pic: Ravindra Ubesena

The magic within!

To change yourself
To change the world
The tool to be used, the magic within
To make you happy
To bring smiles
The tool to be used the magic within
To raise yourself
To raise others
The tool to be used, the magic within
Self belief, Consciousness & Dedication
Pic: Tharindu Weerasinghe

A flower of the Sun:

The warmth
Is the affection
A flower needs
To blossom with a grin...
The brightness
Is the love
A flower needs
To flutter in the wind...
Pic: Tharindu Weerasinghe

Children of earth:

The ground elevation
Is out of the equation
When they smile and have fragrance
After being properly nourished!
When they smile and spread fragrance
Mother earth has consolation!!
Pic: Tharindu Weerasinghe


Roses are red
Roses are white
Some likes red
Some likes white
Red is for romance
White is for purity
Roses are red
Roses are white
Eyes catch red
Hearts catch white
Red is for love
White is for affection
Roses are red
Roses are white
Smile in the Spring
Dance in the Summer
Cry in the Autumn
Die in the Winter
Pic: Tharindu Weerasinghe

The sweetest RED wine! 
You tasted like red wine
The days when you were mine
I still love the dreams you kissed
You may not know how much you are missed.!
The dark skies bring you a message
The cold nights imply a pale presage
Intoxicated mood won't forget the tale
The fairy who painted my life in larger scale.!
Flowers still bloom, but no glitter
The greenery is there, but they flitter
You are still the sweetest red wine I ever had
House is empty without the essence made me glad!
Pic: Tharindu Weerasinghe

A daughter's smile

A precious gift,
to a father! 
Pic: Bankhill Educare

Beauty of Enlightenment

Born in an opaque pond,
But no sign on it!
Pic: Prabath Nuwan Premarathna

Frame of Sight

See out of the frame,
Then the sight will be real!
When you are behind
The sight is synthetic!
Pic: Prabath Nuwan Premarathna

Back to the Roots

You may fly high…
But when your boots touch the roots,
You feel that you are HOME!
Pic: Prabath Nuwan Premarathna

The Difference

When the Sun sets with pale orange, 
Some wither…

But some blossom with smiles….

Pic: Prabath Nuwan Premarathna