The English Poet

Then & Now!

There were times!

There were times that,

You loved bed time stories...

There were times that,

You loved glittering glue...

There times that,

You loved fancy fiction...

There were times that,

You loved ear studs and lip gloss.

There were times that,

You loved attraction...

There were times that,

You loved privacy...

There were times that,

You loved future...

We tried to the build

The future you like

Which may not fancier,

May not be the harshest either!

Still we love the way you are!

- A future poem for daughters by Dads



People dream of cars,

They dream of houses,

Also the wealth,

Yet they breathe

Something they never dream of!

People dream of food,

They dream of travel,

Also the health,

Yet they drink,

Something they never dream of!

People dream of moods,

They dream of gains,

Also the collections,

Yet they act,

In a way they never dream of!


Shall we?

Shall we?

I want to fly high 

To touch the leaves and fly

Above the trees

I want to fly high

To touch the rainbow and fly

Above the colors

I want to fly high 

To embrace the dew drops and fly

Above the clouds 

Will you join me

In this exciting journey of flying high?

To reach our own skies,

Not to invade others'

Together, to share the smiles and tears?

Together we, fly high

Together we, achieve more!

Shall we?


I want to be an emcee!

I want to be an emcee

Of an event without any script

Where pure talent flows

Which the audience want to see...

I want to be an emcee

Of an extravaganza with no boundaries

Where the aesthetic flavor over-flows around the aisles

Where both the amateurs and connoisseurs would love to cry and then smile..!

I want to be an emcee

Of a classical concert

Where you share the lectern with me

As the co-host for the first time

And probably as the eventual!


The first reader...

Caught a glimpse of your unfinished work

Felt, it was a long-awaited…

“Why did you commence writing?”

Sorry…wrong question….

“Why didn’t you continue...?”

It was my heart asking….

But the mind instructed the mouth not to spinout!

Let me read the full story...!

When it’s done!

Perhaps I will write,

At the end of the last chapter!

“To be continued!”


Admire the moment... 

Admire the moment!

The distance travelled,

Is unclear...

When you don't even know, from where did you start,

The destination, is too,

Pretty much a dependent,

on the distance travelled...

Unclear too...


It's good to stop and admire the moment!

To think to start the art if living at 'Present'....


May I guess... 

There's no fuss

Because there's no room

For any a suss

But I can zoom

Into you

And feel something inner

Absolutely something thicker

Surely not thinner


But there's no fuss indeed!

It's just a guess!

But it is kinda rational

A lot emotional

A reason to evade stress!

I walk away with the inner fuss

Which always brings me joy

Hardly anything to annoy!


I like the shape! 

What are you staring at?

The shape! It feels so perfect...

Oh, didn't know that...

The edges, the curves, the orchestration, the seems the blend is closer to be perfect!


No that's how I feel, hence I love to stare and admire...

Oh, nice to know that...

Like the shape of your presence, heart and spirit

Which I may never embrace!

Keep it that way....

Glad to hear, let me know before you leave

One last hug will be precious!


Love finds its own way! 

Someone told:

'Love finds its own way!'

When the mistress

Of the play,

Finally entered the courtship,

The audience get to know,

'Love finds its own way!'

The audience leave the theater,

By the time they reach homes,

Some may realize,

'Love may find its own way!'

Some will desperately ponder,

'Love must finds its own way!'

The playwright,

Will leave the theatre

Signing an autograph,

After he writes,

"Let Love finds its own way..."


The ONLY Way! 

There's no other way,

Than the Noble Path,

That the Lord Buddha

Has shown and taught us!

The true liberty,

The eternal bliss,

The ultimate happiness!


Not too late to follow the path,

At least to enter,

On this Vesak Full Moon!


Down the terrace road...

With no more complex hopes

Wandered down the terrace road

With many drops of tears in my eyes

Which I didn't want to stop,

Which I let them to fall as they want....

With a feeling of accomplishments!

Wandered down the terrace road

With no more insecure hopes

With many a smile on my face

Which I didn't bother to hide...

With a feeling of achievement!

Wandered back to the office.....


That Brown Guy!

Could you please help that brown guy...?

A white girl asked from a fellow white guy...

The brown guy heard...

The brown guy was waiting for ages to buy something...

White, Black, Tan, Brown...

How nice to see

The nature's gifts

Being used to divide

The most cleverest and

The most harmful creatures

On earth...

The brown guy waited patiently

To buy the thing he wanted!

He paid the money,

And walked off..

Thanking the White guy....

The brown guys and girls

Are invited to build and improve

The land of white!

The rich white girls and guys

Hardly use the colors to point out!


Let it fall..!

Open those eyes

To let it fall!

For sure I'll,

Let it embrace

My hands...

Then safely

I'll store it in the other half

Of my heart

Until the beat stops

And call it, LOVE...


The granny stories (version2)

Not that the mom stories

Or even the dad stories

Are always boring,

The grandma stories

Are often creative

And intellectual

And their tone is Inducing!

The same writer, wrote a similar poem

Named "Grandma Stories"

Probably on a day of March 2007...

The same one writes its second version

When he witnessed his daughter's grandma

Discussing something intellectual

With her grandkids,

[On the South bank of the Brisbane River on a day of March 2023]


You can sing..!

The inbound chill

From the faraway hill

The outbound love

Pretty much the white dove

Waiting to hear you sing

From the farway Hills

Once you are done

I may kiss the lips forgetting the sigh

Perhaps not,

The forehead...

The inbound silence

Induces the violence

Among the feelings

Implying high time for meetings

Wailing in repentance to hear you sing

You can sing!

The song of love...

From the farway misty mountain,

Through murmuring fountains

The melody I like, I enjoy....


The final destination

The final destination,

We never know where...

Let's enjoy the occasion,

Before any time to spare..


The preffered voice..!

The voice

Heard from far away

The choice

Prefferd for a many a year!

The lady

Who murmurs my melody

Celestial nymph

Who touches my numb soul

Owns the radical voice

The choice of soul

Classical tune

Owes a big thank!


When her heart needs a rest...

When my heart needs a rest,

I search for you..

Then I found your heart too needs a rest!

Let's talk to each other

Let's embrace each other

Let's kiss each other...

The lips I need to admire!

The tender touch of our souls...

The soul mate warmth which I need

Until I die!


A fond embrace

The Moon, the only witness

knows the tale of us!

The Noon, not the time for stillness

who wants a pale fuss..?

The murmur of the lips

The sigh of the heart

The glamour of the hips

The cry of the smile

The flavor of the tips...

The bond never expires

A fond embrace..!


The magic within!

To change yourself

To change the world

The tool to be used, the magic within

To make you happy

To bring smiles

The tool to be used the magic within

To raise yourself

To raise others

The tool to be used, the magic within

Self belief, Consciousness & Dedication


A flower of the Sun:

The warmth

Is the affection

A flower needs

To blossom with a grin...

The brightness

Is the love

A flower needs

To flutter in the wind...



Roses are red

Roses are white

Some likes red

Some likes white

Red is for romance

White is for purity

Roses are red

Roses are white

Eyes catch red

Hearts catch white

Red is for love

White is for affection

Roses are red

Roses are white

Smile in the Spring

Dance in the Summer

Cry in the Autumn

Die in the Winter


The sweetest RED wine! 

You tasted like red wine

The days when you were mine

I still love the dreams you kissed

You may not know how much you are missed.!

The dark skies bring you a message

The cold nights imply a pale presage

Intoxicated mood won't forget the tale

The fairy who painted my life in larger scale.!

Flowers still bloom, but no glitter

The greenery is there, but they flitter

You are still the sweetest red wine I ever had

House is empty without the essence made me glad!