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Life as Tharindu sees it.....

Enjoy what is on your plate without wasting your TIME! 

Enjoy your routine!

Do you really believe that it is important to do what you like to do (Given the fact that it doesn’t hurt you or others)? I do! Why? Simply because I need moral satisfaction and accomplishments more than anything! Now, I am not talking about the occupation that you’re into but anything that we are engaged in, in our routine lives. At the end of the day, what really matters is to feel accomplished and that feeling can’t be plundered by money! Thus, doing things you like (in good terms) matters! [...more] 

Collective Decision Making

In the cooperate world, you hardly survive without a team. A team usually work together for a common goal despite the differences of the domains the teams are engaged in. From a startup to a well-established organization, the secret of growth lies on the team work! The more your team perform, more the organization moves forward! [...more] 

Empowering Teams

In any cooperate sector, your team is the most valuable asset in your territory! In a leader’s eye view, the precious treasure you have is your team! If the team fail then you fail! If you fail then the organization fail! Many leads and bosses are unsuccessful because they lose the grip of the team!  [...more] 

The KISS Principle

Well, all of you might know what a KISS is? Most of you might know how to KISS. Nonetheless I am not talking about that particular KISS but the KISS principle. [...more] 

Do it right at the right time!

Someone says, Don’t live in your past!” There is no gain in thinking about your past and having sorrow. We may feel unhappy about our pasts because we have missed several things which could have been accomplished in our pasts! In reality, we may not be able to fulfill each and everything that we plan but if we don’t have proper plans and enthusiasm then we will surely miss things and moments of our lives, that will lead us to feel unhappy about our pasts. [...more]

Do we have good managers?

Sometimes you manage someone; sometimes you are managed by someone! If you are married and have kids, then you are a manager at home. [Here I mention as “a manager” but not as “the manager”, because your spouse is the other manager at home whether you like it or not…!] If you possess a managerial position in the organization that you work for, then you manage the employees who work under your management. If you are employed and you are not the CEO, then it is clearly obvious that you must report to your management, in other words, you are managed by them. Many administrators (both in government and private sector) have managerial responsibilities.  Many professions have various types of managerial responsibilities as well as capacities. Engineers, doctors, university administrators, professors, school principals and many other professionals get the opportunity to manage their subordinates at a certain level of their professions. So, it is very important these managers know how to be successful in managing people![...more]

Do we have a habit of giving honest feedback?

Almost all of us like others praising us; on the other hand, many of us don’t like somebody criticizing us or giving negative feedback on something we have done. Even kids feel very happy if we praise them. Parents are advised to appreciate their children after a good work that they have done. It is a morale booster. It is natural that all human beings like praising. But in reality, we don’t find appraisals all the time. In a nutshell, we need feedback on our work, our behavior, and our attitudes to develop ourselves. To build up a good personality and character feedback is essential. Accepting honest feedback is our duty. Acting upon those feedback are our responsibility.[...more]

Is the first impression, the one that matters?

If you are foreign to an environment where you had never been, you are nervous as well as the people who were there before your arrival, are also nervous until they come to know who you are? That means, until you make an impression on them, they are tentative. Depending on the impression they will have a measure of you. [...more]

False sense of superiority feelings…

Sometime ago, I was wondering why people struggle so hard to achieve superior levels…It is acceptable to aim the great heights in our lives but if the aim is to defeat others by hook or crook and grab the winning flag, then it is a false sense, which may cause destruction. If you can’t tolerate others passing you in the race of life then you might try to be the first by not letting them to participate in the race, or you may unethically dismiss them from the race. It is good to be the first, until you are not letting others to run the race with you! [...more]

Aesthetics of Life!

“Dear violin; please don’t stare at me;

I can’t play violins…..”

Well, if not several times, I have had the particular feeling thousand times…I meant that violin should symbolize all the musical instruments. When I see a piano, when I see a guitar, when I see a flute or any other instrument my mind is haunted by the above feeling…Why? Because I can’t play any of them; but I can admire others playing them. [..more]


Circle of reality!

In my childhood, my parents told me, “Study well to have a white-collar job…!” When I become a parent I will also give the same message to my children.

“Have you ever thought of the routines of person’s life deeply? Some of you might have the answer “YES”; some may not. However, if we analyze the different walks of lives then we will find the fact that they are interesting, but it is hard to find the exact answers to the questions, why do we do it, why are we supposed to do it, and what is the ultimate goal of these things?” [..more]