The lecturer

Tharindu is a part-time lecturer who has experience in teaching subjects related computer engineering.

Tharindu is currently doing visiting lecturing at the University of Vocational Training, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka. He teaches Database Implementation to the 3rd year undergraduates. (2018/19)

He taught some of the Diploma Students of the Deaking University who are studying at the CICRA Campus, Colombo 4. There he taught the Introductory Lessons to ICT including Programming, Database Systems, Software Engineering (2017).

He was a visiting lecturer at the Uva Wellassa University (Faculty of Science - Department of Information Technology) in 2010. He taught two subjects to 3rd year undergraduates in Human Computer Interaction and Business Process Re-Engineering. (2010/11)

He was a visiting lecturer at the University of Peradeniya (Faculty of Engineering - Department of Computer Engineering) since 2009. Over the past 4 years he has taught some parts of the Software Engineering course offered to the 3rd year students representing IFS, his employer! (2009 to 2014)

Anyone can visit my SlideShare page and download the material if want:

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Tharindu enjoys teaching as he thinks that he can deliver what he knows in manner where the students can easily grab them....